Everyone deserves love: Lance Bass presents Prince Charming with a twist

Prince Charming and his would-be suitors (photo courtesy Logo)
Prince Charming and his would-be suitors (photo courtesy Logo)


Falling in love is hands down one of the most wonderful things that can happen to you.

Along with the fluttering heart, the giddy obsession with one person and one person only, and the sense that life is exultantly beautiful and can only gets better, is the deeply satisfying sense that you are profoundly and meaningfully connecting with someone.

Regardless of what the bigots and haters say, it’s a sensation common to everyone, regardless of race, creed, gender, and especially in the case of Logo’s new The Bachelor-esque show Finding Prince Charming, sexuality.

Love as they say is love, something that public at large in finally beginning to understand and which members of the LGBTQI community have known all along.

It’s this appreciation of the universality of romantic love that is no doubt going to have everyone glued to the journey of 33 year old Puerto Rican-born Robert Sepulveda Jr, former fashion model and now interior designer who calls Atlanta home.

All by himself alas, something he hopes to change as he meets 13 “charismatic and gorgeous suitors” and under the glare of TV lights and millions of eager eyes, attempts to find love sweet love and that elusive Mr Right.

Of course, you could argue that the strike rate of these sorts of shows is crazy low and why would you even begin to think you could find love this way?

But there have been enough instances where love has been found and held for people, and yes in this instances I will break my no-watching-reality-TV rule – with the exception of Survivor and The Amazing Race – to hope and pray that, scripted drama aside, Robert finds the man of his dreams.

Finding Prince Charming premieres on Thursday 8 September at 9 pm ET on Logo.



To meet the men vying for Robert’s heart, check out Logo’s official Finding Prince Charming site.
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