Happy Birthday Bert! (5 months late) #SesameStreet

Have fun Bert! (image via YouTube (c) Sesame Workshop)


I love birthdays.

My birthday. Other peoples’ birthdays. And pop culture characters birthdays.

If it involves cake, friends and a party, real or imagined I am there with figurative bells on (or depending on the party, actual bells). I also don’t restrict these celebrations to the actual day of the day, happy to let birthdays ooze, like cake icing in the summer rain (yes, I will still eat it; it’s pretty sugar dammit!), over days, weeks, and months if the whim should take me.

So of course since it’s my birthday, and I am by law allowed to celebrate in any way I see fit, I am re-celebrating Bert’s birthday from 26 July this year when he was surprised by Ernie with the most unusual of celebrations.

Of course, it’s involves an element of surprise, which Bert handles super duper well, a singing tap-dancing elephant (what you mean you didn’t have one last birthday?) and a penguin drum-and-bugle corps … and well you’ll just have to watch …

Suffice to say Ernie may have misjudged what Bert wants but you can’t blame a guy for trying right?

Happy late birthday Bert!


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