Respect is coming: Elmo urges Game of Thrones’ Tyrion and Cersei to treat each other well

(image via YouTube (c) Sesame Workshop / HBO)

Respect brings us together, and if anyone can convince Game of Thrones’s Cersei and Tyrion to get along, a familiar furry red friend might just be the one. (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

Oh, the fun they must have had with this one!

The latest marriage of Sesame Street, which broadcasts all its episodes on HBO, with the pop culture zeitgeist has resulted in a highly-entertaining lesson in respect with none other than Cersei (Lena Hedley) and her very estranged brother Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) from watercooler hit Game of Thrones, which is currently screening its eighth and final season.

While everyone breathlessly waits to see who will claim the Iron Throne and whether the Night King and the undead White Walkers will leave anyone alive to make the ascend the ultimate seat (literally) ofg power in Westeros, what really matters is that Cersei and Tyrion need to learn some respect for each other.

Granted, that kind of approach may not have made for edge-of-the-seat dramatic viewing but it most certainly would have meant quite a bit less killing and maybe a few more cosy Christmases.

Maybe not but dear sweet Elmo knows it would make a difference of some kind and so persuasive is he that, by the end of this wonderful video, both the Lannisters are inclined to agree.

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