Review: “Zombies Hate Stuff” by Greg Stones

Frankly I am not sure why everyone is worried about this Mayan calendar end of the world thing this year.

I think we have far more to fear from the impending zombie apocalypse.

Or do we? Thanks to Greg Stone, the inspired, uber-talented man behind this amusing book, which also doubles as a handy guide to things zombies don’t like, has in a series of beautifully rendered watercolour drawings given us a handy guide to the things we need to surround ourselves with to ward off the hungry zombie hordes.

Zombies hate... Hippies

For instance did you know zombies hate technology? And unicorns? Hippies? And even Santa. (Santa must hate the zombies right back I guess; how hard would zombies be to shop for? I mean, I can picture Santa in his workshop saying “Let’s see they like fresh human flesh and I… dang I am have none… hmm spinning top maybe?”).

Zombies hate... Unicorns

There is a veritable cornucopia of things you can keep close to you to keep the ravenous undead hordes at bay, and so then like the people who live through an alien invasion or disaster movie simply because they have a dog next to them, you can walk through the zombie apocalypse with impunity.

And on the off chance the zombie apocalypse, like so many end of days scenarios never quite materialises, then at the very least you will have had a good laugh.

But not with a zombie. Odds are they hate laughter too.

Zombies hate... Rowboats

Greg Stones is a talented watercolour artist who discovered sometime around 1998 that it was possible to be an artist and have fun too. Since then he has thrown flying saucers and blue-skinned aliens into his art, and now, of course zombies. You can see more of his art here.



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