Weekend pop art: “Wish you were fictitiously here” – imaginative postcards from pop culture locales

Fleabag (c) Jeffrey Everett, “Quiet Tuesdays, Chatty Wednesdays” / image via Gallery1988 / Flavorwire)

It was Cheers which famously asked “Wouldn’t you like to get away?”

Well, yes we would and the further away from real life the better thank you very much.

A nice fictional locale with none of the banal or trying trappings of the everyday would be quite lovely thank you but as these postcards make clear, be careful what you wish for.

However, while Amity Island or Isla Nublar may not be high on your list of holidaying priorities, and thus you may have any need to send bright, postcard-sized missives to friend and family, you may rethink that stance once you look at all the highly-creative artwork that made up the recently-concluded “Postcard Correspondence 2019” at Gallery1988 in L.A.

While the exhibit has concluded, you can still buy the postcards which are gloriously good invocations to push the envelope holiday-wise, at least in your imagination.

Jurassic Park (c) Jen Taylor, “We Have A T-Rex!” / image via Gallery1988 / Flavorwire)
Jaws (c) Jeremy Berkley, “Amity Island” / image via Gallery1988 / Flavorwire)
Stranger Things c) Duncan Robertson, “Starcourt Mall” / image via Gallery1988 / Flavorwire)
Midsommar (c) Brad Albright, “Glad MidSommar!” / image via Gallery1988 / Flavorwire)


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