We’re back! Gilmore Girls take us behind-the-scenes of its A Year in the Life revival

(image courtesy Netflix)
(image courtesy Netflix)


If you weren’t already excited about returning to Stars Hollow, which now has its own website – one yet to be updated, thanks to Kirk’s lost password, but it’s there nonetheless and should be updated by the launch of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on 25 November 2016 – then this featurette should definitely do it for you!

It arrives hot on the caffeine-fuelled heels of Gilmore Girls Day, which marks the day, 5 October 2000 to be precise, that the much-loved show debuted on the now defunct WB Network.

To make sure this most holy of Gilmore Girls days didn’t go unmarked, 250 coffee shops across the USA became glorious facsimiles of Luke’s Diner and served free coffee between 7 a.m. and 12 noon, with even Luke aka Scott Patterson himself turning up to give out java to fans. (Check out Hypable for some images of the day and the copious amounts of coffee drunk. Lorelai would approve; Luke, no doubt, would not.)

This behind-the-scenes sneak peek reminds us how wonderful the show was, and apparently, how good it was to work on as an actor.

You can’t help but watch the video and long for the end of November to hurry and arrive already! Maybe it needs some coffee to amp it up for a speedy return?


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