Get on down Sesame Street: Elmo’s Food Rap Battle feat. Carrot vs. Sweet Potato (Daveed Diggs & Rafael Casal)

(image via YouTube (c) Sesame Workshop)


Earth’s Best is proud to present Elmo’s Food Rap Battle! Elmo is hungry and has to choose a food to eat! DJ Lobster is in the kitchen to help Elmo pick what to eat with a Food Rap Battle! Crunchy Carrot (Daveed Diggs) goes head to head with sweet and savory Sweet Potato (Rafael Casal).

Elmo’s parents have told him he can choose a vegetable to have with dinner but which one?

To help him choose, DJ Lobster is in the kitchen and Crunchy Carrot and Sweet Potato rap their cases for being chosen as the vegetable of the night?

Who will win and end up on the dinner plate? (Kinda gross to think about and best you don’t dwell on it.) And just who is the healthiest?

C’mon! Like Sesame Street, who loves everyone, is going to play favourites.

I think the real issue here is whether DJ Lobster actually makes it out of the kitchen alive …


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