You’ve got to have Soul – the vibe *and* the film

(image via IMP Awards)

Soul features the voices of Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey, Soul follows Joe Gardner, a school band teacher, who yearns to do more with his life and follow his true passion: playing jazz. An unexpected fall in an uncovered manhole leads Joe on a journey to understand on what having a soul really means. (synopsis © Rotoscopers)

What do you really want to do with your life?

It’s never too late to ask this most salient of questions since life is short and who wants to miss on living the best life you can?

Especially when your real passion in life is such a powerful driving force as it is for Joe Gardner who lives and breathes jazz; how can he take what he loves and make it his whole life?

Why fall down a manhole!

Yep, it’s not a conventional approach but this teaser suggests it might just have some Inside Out-like legs and being a Pixar film, you just know it’s going to end somewhere wonderful.

How wonderful the end result is will become clear on 18 June 2020 in Australia and 19 June in USA and UK.

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